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When selling a home, those who are interested will only change if everything is right: the size, the style, the price range and the atmosphere. Plans to get rid of your home? Then you better do an attractive interior and a pleasant look and feel. Homestaging is called …

Homestaging: faster sales, greater added value

Homestaging: faster sales, greater added value

The purpose of homestaging? Get your property sold as quickly as possible, and at a great price. The principle is simple: make small-scale renovations and refurbishments to make your home as attractive and ‘salable’ as possible.

The fact that the American concept has finally reached our country has everything to do with its efficiency: homestaging has a direct influence on the speed of sales. Moreover, prospective buyers will more easily pay the requested sum if the home looks cozy and ready to move in.

How does it work?


Homestaging may be relatively new in our country, but it is not at all difficult. A combination of the following improvements makes a world of difference:

  • Give the walls a new coat of paint.
  • Flowers or other color keys give your home a fresh look.
  • ‘Less is more’: stuffs and other unnecessary items belong in the cupboard.
  • Also give the garden a makeover.

Tip: Do you want to reach the largest possible audience? Then give your home the most neutral look possible . Your personal taste is not always the same as that of prospective buyers. Do not use too bright colors and make the house look as spacious as possible.

Buy another property?

Buy another property?

Of course you do not do Homestaging just like that. In the best case scenario, you invest the added value in a new home . Here too, there are various points for attention, starting with your financial protection. Debt balance insurance is already a first step. Would you like more information about your debt balance insurance? 

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